Interested in going solar for you energy needs? Energy Optimism is committed to helping you get it done in 6 simple steps.

We make it easy.  Clean, cost effective, and beautiful solar energy systems to fit your need.

We will personally review your customized proposal with you and answer any questions you may have.

We make it easy.  Let's take a look at your electric utility bill - and change it.

Let us show you how solar makes sense, and how you can make a sound financial investment.

​Step 2 - Design 

​Step 6 - Energy Freedom


​Step 3 - Proposal 

​Step 5 - Installation

Our NABCEP certified engineering staff will model a system that fits specific site and utility needs.

Professional installers will help make the plan a reality.  Your energy future is now! 

​Step 1 - Energy Needs

​Step 4 - Financials